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Caring Working Environment
Employees are of vital importance. Aero Win is determined to establish a friendly and caring working environment for our employees as it is as well the principle of manufacturing superior products. We strive for the progress of staff health management, conforming to Occupational Safety and Health Act, apply integrated organization system to set up safety operational standards and improve working environment and equipment.

To strengthen safety implementation, regular educational training and emergency responses are directed amply in terms of conversant to machinery and protection in accordance with the destination of zero accident.
Routine health examination and thorough checkup for particular high risk labors are conducted. At Aero Win, we have well-organized staff canteen, with regular inspection for hygiene and nutrition of menu, providing employees an ideal dining space.

Protection measures for employees' working environment and personal safety:
Item Content
Access Control Measures The company has a strict access control monitoring system, and has signed a contract with a security company to maintain the security of the office and factory area 24 hours a day throughout the year.
Fire safety measures In accordance with the provisions of the fire protection law, a complete fire protection system is set up, and regular inspection reports and fire training for employees are carried out in accordance with the law.
Maintenance and inspection measures for various equipment

1. According to the building public safety inspection visa and declaration regulations, an external professional company is entrusted to conduct public safety inspection every year.

2. nd health code of practice, formulate an automatic occupational safety and health inspection plan. At present, the company outsources the inspection and maintenance of elevators every month; the maintenance of water dispensers every three months; the maintenance and inspection of high and low voltage electrical equipment, air conditioners, fire-fighting appliances and other equipment every year; regular maintenance of official vehicles according to the number of kilometers .

Disaster Preparedness and Response

1. The company has established "Emergency Action Procedures", "Procedure of Business and Management Planning ", "Safety and Health Work Rules" and other disaster prevention, rescue precautions and accident notification procedures, which clearly regulate the company's personnel at all levels in advance. And the responsibility and task content in response to major events such as natural disasters, major injuries and other major emergencies after the event.

2. In order to maintain the safety and health of employees and promote the safety and health business, the company has 3 Class A labor safety and health business supervisors, 3 safety and health administrators, various operation supervisors, fire prevention managers and emergency personnel, and they regularly return to training.

3. Regularly or irregularly publicize safety and health precautions and safety operation standards for employees to follow.

Employee physical and mental health measures 1. Health checkup: The company provides regular annual health checkups for in-service personnel, special health checkups for specific personnel and psychological counseling assessments, and psychological counseling from physicians according to individual wishes.

2. Sanitation of the working environment: The workplace stipulates that there is no smoking in the workplace, health lectures are held, and the office environment is cleaned regularly.

3. Employ occupational medicine specialists to provide on-site services, and specially qualified full-time nursing staff to provide medical consultation, emergency rescue treatment and psychological mediation consultation services.

4. Provide employees with necessary safety protection equipment, such as safety shoes, goggles, respiratory protection equipment, earplugs (masks), cut-resistant gloves, etc., to maintain the safety and health of employees.

5. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Law, the working environment is measured every six months.

6. Sexual Harassment Prevention: Set up complaint regulations and punishment clauses.
Insurance and Medical Consolation Insure labor insurance (including occupational accident insurance) and health insurance in accordance with the law, and add group insurance (including accident insurance, occupational accident medical insurance) and other protection mechanisms for employees.

★Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Water Consumption and Total Waste Weight

(Unit : tonnes CO2e/Year)
類別 / 年度 107年(2018) 108年(2019) 109年(2020) 110年(2021) 111年(2022) 112年(2023)
Tap water
3.040 CO2e 2.363 CO2e 2.293 CO2e 1.971 CO2e 2.086 CO2e 2.391 CO2e
Electric power
3,907.822 CO2e 3,677.219 CO2e 3,064.208 CO2e 908.361 CO2e 3,073.278 CO2e 3,405.464 CO2e
3.256 CO2e 2.823 CO2e 2.048 CO2e 2.550 CO2e 3.188 CO2e 4.231 CO2e
Diesel fuel
5.636 CO2e 5.526 CO2e 2.537 CO2e 3.614 CO2e 5.164 CO2e 5.199 CO2e
General Industrial Waste
55.85 噸Tons 46.1 噸 Tons 38.996 噸Tons 22.104 噸Tons 41.680 噸Tons 47.06 噸Tons
Hazardous Industrial Waste
37.412 噸Tons 28.294 噸Tons 25 噸Tons 8.626 噸Tons 16.344 噸Tons 20.434 噸Tons
Reuse of Industrial Waste
3.48 噸Tons 3.14 噸Tons 12.14 噸Tons 3.78 噸Tons 8.4 噸Tons 32.76 噸Tons

Aero Win is honored to receive (Badge of Accredited of Healthy Workplace) that presented by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Aero Win had continuously conducting all the elements to create a healthy and smoke-free workplace for all our employees. After review by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare. We successfully being qualified and received the Badge of Accredited of Healthy Workplace. In future, we will continuously and carefully monitor all the related information and needs that related to our employee’s health. Also, considering different ethnic groups or age groups. At the same time to plan various kinds of health related activities to carry out corporate social responsibility.

Green restaurant

Aerowin  staff restaurant  is certified as  green restaurant  by  Environmental  Protection  Administration.
Green restaurant is based on the concept of environmental friendliness, providing eco-friendly, low-carbon food and dining environment to reduce the impact on the environment. It  also echoes to the  issues such as climate change, food safety, and circular economy.

Encourage employees to bring non-disposable tableware when dining and take  appropriate amount of the  meals.

Other green  restaurant :https://reurl.cc/LNvp54

Aerowin Technology Tea Serving Station

In order to serve the public and implement ESG sustainable carbon reduction, Aerowin will participate in EPA Tea Water Refill from now on. A water dispenser  (behind the guardhouse) is opened to public. While serving a cup of good water to the public, every 600 CC of water  can reduce carbon by 97 CO2e for the earth and reduce the plastic bottles.

#Water Refill # I fill water # I'm proud # Plastic reduction ,Love Taiwan # Clean the Earth

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