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Sustainable development

Sustainable development implementation status
●The company has formulated the " Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles". The Management Office is a part-time unit that promotes sustainable development. It is responsible for the proposal and implementation of sustainable development policies, systems or related management guidelines and specific promotion plans, and regularly reports to the company every year. The board of directors reports on its implementation status for the current year.
●The company reported to the board of directors on the implementation of sustainable development in 2023 on January 22, 2024. The board of directors understood the company's management policies and objectives and gave timely suggestions.
●Based on the materiality principle of sustainable development, the company conducts risk assessments on important issues and formulates relevant risk management policies or strategies based on the assessed risks as follows:

potential risks



Problems caused by drought and water shortage:
1. Late delivery
2. Product quality

Find ways to improve water efficiency

  1.  Set up a water recycling system to recycle production wastewater for secondary use.
  2.  Dedicate personnel to record and control water consumption to prevent waste caused by improper use or pipeline problems.
  3. Make timely adjustments to production schedules during periods of water shortage to reduce water demand.
  4.  Sign long-term contracts with qualified manufacturers, strictly control the quality of water supply, and strengthen quality inspection of surface treatment products.

Problems caused by flooding caused by typhoons and heavy rains:
1. Raw materials and products soaked in water affect the quality
2. The shipping packaging is damaged
3. Employee attendance

  1. 1. Factory protection planning
  2. 2. Optimize product packaging
  3. 3. Appropriate adjustments to employee attendance
  1. Dredge ditches in the factory area and strengthen drainage measures.
  2. Air-tight door and window planning and enhanced maintenance.
  3. Waterproof and optimized packaging method to avoid transportation damage.
  4. Make appropriate adjustments to employee attendance, taking safety considerations first.

Rising temperatures lead to rising water and electricity consumption

  1. Promote water and electricity conservation
  2. Use renewable energy
  1. Install solar panels on the roof of the factory to increase the rate of independent electricity consumption.
  2. Replace the entire factory with LED light tubes.
  3.  Regularly conduct internal publicity activities to remind employees to turn off lights and sort garbage. In addition to encouraging the reuse of resources in the daily office environment, such as the use of electronic invoices, the introduction of an electronic exchange mechanism for government documents, and the use of double-sided paper.
  4. Regularly inspect and maintain air conditioning equipment.

■Implementation status of promoting sustainable development in 2023